The Chinese Rich Man’s Party

A gift from my mama, This is based on a voice recording she made for me back in 2011. It is about how she met Ivan. Now I’m going to record about your father. In 1946 (the) Americans came and we were very happy because we can go and eat and they were very, very […]

I Am Broke

We just buried mama Nadia last month, but she died intestate. We live in California so our state laws regarding funerals may differ from yours. Here is what I found… If you die with: here’s what happens: children but no spouse, parents, or siblings ·children inherit everything Children’s Shares in California If you die without […]

Why Did It Explode?

It is strange to think that Einstein made a blunder. However once shown that our universe was actually expanding he removed his cosmological constant and simplified his equation to: G = 8 * π * T A beautiful equation. But our reality and as best as our observations can confirm, there are errors between this […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

Our mama died and was buried according to her religion. She was Russian Orthodox and a loving parent. As I write this it has not been 40 days quite yet so her soul is still wandering upon the earth. I was baptized a Russian Orthodox as well. However my papa Ivan (whose father was a […]

Back in the Saddle

It has taken three emergencies in the past two years to make me realize the fragility of my own life. Now that my mama has passed away,I feel a dire need to somehow preserve what I can-remember of her stories. If only my brother and sisters had my desire and shared the same memories! But […]

Out With the Old

Yes it is now New Year’s day. Happy New Year everyone! I am considering my resolutions and thinking back on the old year in which I died but returned with a God-given second chance. I am so very grateful to still be amongst you and know that your thoughts and prayers were of much needed […]

Back To My Love

This is the best part about second chances, getting to be with the one you love once again. My Betty still cries whenever she is remembering my coming back from the dead. She could not ask God for the favor of returning me. If you want to know why ask her. For me it was […]

Second Chance

A remarkable thing happened on July 21. I died. I blacked out in the ambulance on the way to emergency. I woke up in a neon purgatory. There was no landscape to speak of and I did not seem to have a body either. The sky and ground were long streamers of neon looking lights. […]

Legend of Rico

On December 9 I heard the doorbell ring. Upon opening the door a young 19 year old introduced himself as Rico holding out a leaflet with an offer of a free installation. I was standing behind a closed steel grate and cracked it open to extend my hand thru and get a better look at […]

Alive Alive Oh!

I’ve been home now for a bit over two months. There are things that I use to do that I no longer do. The hardest loss for me is my ability to rationalize. While it is less severe now than while I was heavily drugged by doctors shortly after waking from my coma, it remains […]