Hello, my name is Artymus. I am captain of the pageboy’s in the peaBrain kingdom. BTW this is based on a fictitious story! Don’t you hate it when they tell you it’s inspired by real story? If you’ve ever read Heinlein then you know about the fictitious universe. The one that’s right next door to […]

Questionnaire Answered

This blog entry is dedicated to my nephew Denell Pascua who proclaims he was bored and that is why he posted his answers on Facebook.I post my answers on my blog with the following caveat. Everything in this blog is a work of fiction, including my following answers. Been Married—• YES Been divorced—• no Fell […]

Clear Thinking

The other day I went looking on Amazon for a book called: “The Art of Thinking Clearly”. I was so disappointed when I found it. Instead of talking about how to clear up your thinking it went into ALL the possible ways one could fail to do so. Personally I believe when your focus is […]

And When I Die…

My mama’s death is still prominent in my thoughts. But she like her Aunt Cossack did not face death. In fact Cossack screamed away her last breath in defiance. I saw this about 2 AM in the morning when I went with my mom to the hospital that she die in. My brain took a […]

Kid Batman

I just watched another message from God. This time it stressed the good qualities I inherited from my mama. She introduced me to comics when I was very young. Even though I could not read them, I found the pictures fascinating. I was reminded of this by the documentary “Legends of the Batman”.. I found […]

Dedicated to the One I Love

Dear Betty, I have loved you as my wife Betty for over 35 years now. You are a most caring person and have an energy that if we could bottle and sell, would be a win-win. We would benefit from the money and the world would be a more productive place for becoming more like […]

A Very Long Time

My name is Nadia and the year is 1948. My face is a mask, ugly. It has been this way a very long time. I pray to God everyday and cry a lot. Along comes 1949, I got pregnant. We were in a refuge camp on Tubabao Island. Nine months later my first son was […]

My Boyfriend’s Back!

My name is Nadia. In 1948 my sister Lydia came home and said “Ross is back and he’s looking for you!” So I said to Ivan, who was living with us at that time, “Well, here it is! You know you don’t want to get married, which is fine, but my boyfriend is here and […]

Head of a Broken Family

Play Prodigal Daughter by Pearl and the Beard while reading this to understand my mood. Do not listen to the words and just listen. It is calming. I feel peaceful and hopeful. Prodigal, where is home? My dear heart. I’ve continuously been explaining since my brain bleed that I am now brain damaged. I cannot […]