Mama’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. A lot of needless flowers and candy will have been bought and no doubt the restaurants are filled with guilty children and proud mothers getting lousy service as the staff tries to survive under the deluge. But not for me. I will and do celebrate being with my mama, every Saturday. […]

Swinging on a Star

Sometimes I sing in my car as I drive to see my mama on Saturdays. It has become a ritual that she and I enjoy. There is hardly anything new to talk about. I took her to Yeah, a great restaurant in Redwood Shores. They serve fresh chinese food. We got our chicken dumplings for […]

When Help is Unappreciated

Lately I am bothered by two faced liars. Those people who act like they wish to help you, but then when it comes down to doing the thing they promised, they just do not come thru. It is my wish to never become one. That is why before giving advise I carefully think about all […]

Moving Knocks the Dust Off

It is necessary to move. It is part of life. Staying in one place too long causes all sorts of problems. But once you start moving again you realize the amount of “belongings” that have latched on to you. So I have moved the TE website on to the 1&1 MS Dev package. It displays […]

Early Bird

With playing until 3 AM and waking up at 6 AM I find myself taking several naps during the day. My “quality” time with my wife as we play mr. and mrs. couch patato is often interrupted by my snoring and her complaining about it. But what am I to do? There is just so […]

Each step brings one closer

In the end, even when it seems everything is going backwards, every step you take brings you closer to your goal. For the moment my goal is bringing up TE website on my computer. It seems to do that now, even as I make minor changes to prepare it to operate better under dot Net. […]

Is Spaghetti Code Secure?

Why does Legacy code have spaghetti in it? In the continuing evaluation of TE SW I have come across a function that I will call getValue(). It is a single source for over a hundred variables. I believe its purpose is to return a value based on the name passed to it. There are no […]

Big Miss

Sometimes what seems like a small risk, winds up being too big a risk for someone else. My suggestion to take advantage of a deal evaporated as the discussion of what to do lingered on. However I still have what I took and I’m glad for that. TE is trying to instill a new direction. […]

SVN and DreamHost and Google

Imagine that you start off the day arguing about money. There isn’t any! How does arguing change that? Then you are off to do some work, which might eventually lead to money. It winds up that TE needs SVN, well so does Chopoff Consulting! Even better a search on the internet reveals instructions on how […]

Domain transfer between packages should be drag and drop

The transfer process was started by 1&1 and is automated, but for their benifit and not their customers, so it needs to be completed interactively (by the customer). I logged on to account and administered between the two packages until the one saying “waiting for acknowledge” was satisfied that it was OK to be moved. […]