Upside Down Secrets

I recently signed another NDA. Yet at the heart of this company are patents. You know those PUBLIC documents describing the process that the company wishes to protect. Additionally it is a company that has been running a website for many, many years. Nearly all of the features are now available at a ton of […]

When Someone is Helping, Don’t Nag!

I work hard everyday. It is a different kind of work than what my wife does, and I believe that after nearly 30 years of marriage she still does not understand it. Nor do I understand a person’s need to complain. This morning she came in and asked, “can you get up and help me?” […]

Til Journey’s End

We awake each day with nearly a blank slate. Perhaps some confusion if we were lucky enough to have an involving dream. For me it is always a surprise to be here. My dreams have me on so many various adventures, it is with some reluctance to realize I am back in this one. It […]

Each Step Brings You Closer

Sometimes you hit a brick wall. Or rather you face a detour on your path. Maybe it is just taking longer than expected and you are eager to be at the next point. With the TE project I have several things going at once. There is still the need to learn more about MVC. There […]

Another Day

So now I am analysing the query strings used in the TE website dB interface. I picked a string and discovered that there are nearly 1,500 similar ones scattered throughout nearly 250 files. But at the back of my mind is the thought, why the concern with Zulu time? Maybe it is a brilliant insight […]

No Win 7 Driver for magicolor 2300 DL

It was a nice printer. A bit difficult to setup and one day it ran low on Black toner. So I bought the toner but am frustrated by the procedure to replace it. Now I may just as well replace the entire printer. Because my 64bit Beast demand a 64 bit Win 7 driver that […]

Session as Static Object Storage

By coming late to the game with Classic ASP, I get to understand the why of ASP.NET evolution. It revolves around scalability. We have a page on a browser. When the user interacts with that page, the first available processor in the farm should be able to deal with it. But a processor has its […]

Projects and Planning

Some people need a set of instructions. It helps to make a list. We often use shorthand. I know of no one who plans out in detail what one will do in a day. My shopping list is quite simple. It often contains single words like “bread”. Sometimes I use an abbreviation like “OJ”. There […]

Empire Strikes Back

It is the best sequel regardless of which number of all┬áthat followed initial release of Star Wars. But this is not about Lucas, it is about Bill, who having left MS is still present in the force. Google has web apps and today… Microsoft has Web Apps Too! It is a thunder in the cloud. […]

Spaghetti dB

So what is worse than Legacy code? A relational dB that looks like spaghetti. There seems to be little thought going into creating the tables. Also many tables have dubious connections to any other. Just like anything else in life, it seems nicer when some planning and forethought has gone into the design. Because I […]