Author: Geary

Playground For Granfalloons

The fact that September looms a scant quarter of a year away generates anxiety for the ton to be done prior to China. Learning enough Chinese to navigate. Working out an itinerary. Getting Visas. Exercise. All happening too soon; still suffering post-shock grief at loss of Judy. She was going to die. We all are. […]

To A Wedding Promising New Life

Voices through the PA are unintelligible. Mostly due to too much bass and no treble. “What’d they say?” my wife keeps asking me. I Shrug and keep shrugging. Then the dancing begins. The loudness goes past 11. I am pretty sure I am deaf now. I feel the beat in my chest and feet. The […]

Quilter At Rest

I am listening to this song. I have been singing fragments of it during my long drives to and fro while alone in the midst of heavy traffic. There seems to be no significance to the song except in some of the words themselves; however those bits are bringing tears to my eyes. Time itself […]

Remember It’s A Slippery Slope

Time has this ability; to go past stealthily. You wake up one day and look in the mirror realizing something has changed. Maybe you continue living in denial. But one day it stares back at you. The hair is no longer quite so dark. Strands of grey and white grow more numerous. There are wrinkles. […]

Goodbye SimCity Woes

It is a gloomy day. One that threatens to rain. Yet I welcome the rain. Perhaps it will wash away all those bits of pollen that have afflicted my eyes and head. Please wash away my pain and discomfort. I have heard nothing further about Judy. Tomorrow is her birthday. I will call tomorrow and […]

Am I a Sim?

It is another day but the first of a new month. Relentlessly time goes by with deadlines looming ever closer. Yet I find myself absorbed with other issues. For I am mayor FireFox3Rdy2Kil of ColaKaBanana, a city I resurrected from an abandoned site. If only money were as easy to make in what we call […]

Another April Fool!

My apologies to those who frequent this blog; my silly realistic fiction loosely based on something we all experience; reality. It has been far too long since I last wrote. Why? For it is April and I find myself the fool. Yes it is well past the first but here I am once again in […]

Meeting Death

Once when I was a young man I sold encyclopedias. Actually all I ever managed to sell was one set. This job required a suit; I bought a new one; they said I’d be paid by commission. My thoughts rambled away; me musing; sitting upon an old wooden rickety park bench. Gazing up through tree […]

Geary’s Genesis

Before the beginning I was nothing. Whatever may have existed before me hardly matters. My stay here will be brief. I will return to the nothing, just as everyone else has. But during my time here I feel like I have been alive forever; notwithstanding evidence to the contrary. Somewhere in Shanghai my parents met. […]

Traffic Simulator Cheats!

Lately I have become obsessed with a traffic game. I have explored it through iteration I & II. The houses and factories are populated on a grid map seemingly at random. It evolves over time starting with just one house (though 4 are always displayed) and one factory. There are many things I like about […]