ArtymusHello, my name is Artymus. I am captain of the pageboy’s in the peaBrain kingdom. BTW this is based on a fictitious story! Don’t you hate it when they tell you it’s inspired by real story? If you’ve ever read Heinlein then you know about the fictitious universe. The one that’s right next door to our supposedly real universe. If you want to know more go read The Number of the Beast.

I am the head of all the pageboy’s in the peaBrain kingdom. My most important responsibility is to make sure that all the pageboy’s get on the bus every school day and attend Ms.Minney Marcur’s class at the Royal school. It includes doing a headcount prior to boarding the bus, one after everyone is aboard the bus, and yet one more when we get off the bus. This is also done on the return home trip and one last time when we reached the Royal Castle!

We have a royal magician by the name of Merlin. Claims to be the original Berlin from the king Arthur days. All I can say is he looks old enough! BTW (by the way) I am his apprentice. He has given me a spell book to work from. However, I find it difficult to understand the words as they are all in Olden English. Then there are very powerful spells but they are in a language which I just don’t know what it is.

The picture in the upper left is of me in my pageboy captains uniform. I look pretty good,huh?