Questionnaire Answered

QuestionnaireThis blog entry is dedicated to my nephew Denell Pascua who proclaims he was bored and that is why he posted his answers on Facebook.I post my answers on my blog with the following caveat. Everything in this blog is a work of fiction, including my following answers. Smile

Been Married—• YES
Been divorced—• no
Fell in love—• YES
Gone on a blind date—• YES
Skipped school –• no
Watched someone give birth—• ON TV
Watched someone die—• YES but not at moment of death
Been to Canada—• YES
Ridden in an ambulance—• TOO MANY TIMES, YES
Been to Hawaii—• YES
Been to Europe—• no
Been to Washington D.C.—• YES
Visited Florida—• YES
Visited Mexico—•Does New Mexico count?
Seen the Grand Canyon—• YES
Flown in a helicopter—YES
Flown in a plane—• YES
Been on a cruise—• YES
Served on a jury—Almost, it was filled before I got on it
Been in a movie—• no
Danced in the rain—• Always!
Been to Los Angeles—• YES
Been to New York City—• Driven through outskirts.
Been to Cuba—• flown over it
Played/Sang in a band—• YES
Sang karaoke—• YES
Laughed so much you cried—• YES, too often!
Caught a snowflake on your tongue—• YES
Had children—• no
Had a pet(s)—• YES
Been sledding on big hill—YES but only on my own jeans
Been downhill skiing—• no
Rode on a motorcycle—• YES, but someone stole it Sad smile
Traveled to all 50 states—• no, never really got to Alaska but Betty did!
Jumped out of a plane—• no, nor do I wish to! Surprised smile
Been to a drive-in movie—• YES
Rode an elephant—• maybe,I was really little, hard to remember, Do flying ones in Disneyland count?
Rode a Horse—• YES Again I was little, so it could have been a pony.
Been on TV—• YES My image in a group at Homebrew Computer Club was seen by many who know me.
Been in the newspaper—• no
Stayed in the Hospital—• YES in ER & Intensive care
Donated blood—• no Other than samples for testing
Gotten a piercing—• no
Gotten a tattoo—• no
Driven a stick shift vehicle—• YES
Been scuba diving—• no
Been srkeling—• huh? I do not know what that is, so most likely no.
Rode in the back of a police car—• YES
Got a speeding ticket—• YES
Broken a bone—• no
Gotten stitches—• YES
Traveled Alone—• YES
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