Clear Thinking

Clear ThinkingThe other day I went looking on Amazon for a book called:

“The Art of Thinking Clearly”.

I was so disappointed when I found it. Instead of talking about how to clear up your thinking it went into ALL the possible ways one could fail to do so. Personally I believe when your focus is on the way you may fail, it is hard (for me) to see how you can ever succeed.

That of course led to this blog.

But there is also the strange issues forcing me to ponder; mostly upon our immanent deaths, .If I have not mentioned it before, let me clearly state here that we are all just pinkish worms in space-time. A trail of flesh carved into four dimensions. Our tails are when we are babies. Our torso from child, to teenager,then adult. Our head is the elder portion of our wormy lives.

And that is probably why I am trying to understand how to think more clearly. So that I can accomplish all the things I would like to do before I die. Not just to simplify my life and remain financially independent. It is so I can leave a legacy for future generations of Chopoff’s to appreciate. More than just a record of who we are, where we came from and what our ancestors did to get us here.

Go watch “The Good Lie”.

It is a story about doing what you believe in, regardless of what the truth may be. Your interpretation may differ from mine. In any case everything in my blog is a work of fiction. It has its basis in reality (whatever that REALLY is!) and so reflects my most cherished belief. There is nothing better than a STORY based on it.

What does any of this have to do with clear thinking? I am not sure, after all I am still brain damaged. So technically nothing I am saying is clear. Because how can I think clearly with a damaged brain? Also my heart is still damaged (according to Dr. Lee my cardiologist. He did a sonogram and confirmed it.

End of rant. Smile