Month: September 2016

Questionnaire Answered

This blog entry is dedicated to my nephew Denell Pascua who proclaims he was bored and that is why he posted his answers on Facebook.I post my answers on my blog with the following caveat. Everything in this blog is a work of fiction, including my following answers. Been Married—• YES Been divorced—• no Fell […]

Clear Thinking

The other day I went looking on Amazon for a book called: “The Art of Thinking Clearly”. I was so disappointed when I found it. Instead of talking about how to clear up your thinking it went into ALL the possible ways one could fail to do so. Personally I believe when your focus is […]

And When I Die…

My mama’s death is still prominent in my thoughts. But she like her Aunt Cossack did not face death. In fact Cossack screamed away her last breath in defiance. I saw this about 2 AM in the morning when I went with my mom to the hospital that she die in. My brain took a […]