Kid Batman

Kid BatmanI just watched another message from God. This time it stressed the good qualities I inherited from my mama. She introduced me to comics when I was very young. Even though I could not read them, I found the pictures fascinating. I was reminded of this by the documentary “Legends of the Batman”.. I found it on NETFLIX. Tears of joy flowed down my face. To say the least, it really inspired me.

I now clearly saw that eRigby MUST be told. That Mama’s Memories must be a book that our family and friends will love to read. That these and other stories like a children’s book about the PeaBrain Kingdom absolutely MUST be published.

I have had a remarkable recovery according to all my doctors, Nurses, caregivers and especially from my wife and caretaker Betty. The Batman that I was as a child and briefly showed himself as a teenager going to Riordan High School (across from City College in the Ingleside district of San Francisco, is back!

I still remember how mama fashioned my costume. The cape and cowl made of cotton. A grey sweater that she sewed the bat symbol on. I wish I had a picture of me in that outfit, but alas all I can provide is what’s left of that glorious memory.

I waited behind the gym doors leading into the schools basketball court. I listened for my cue. The cheerleaders were pumping up the audience. “Well Don’t You Fret! This is the year we beat Bellarmine! Here’s our secret weapon…Batman!”

I burst through the doors and was nearly blown back by the roar!. Everyone was up on their feet, stomping and yelling at the top of their lungs. It was a real adrenaline rush, one of those once in a lifetime moments. I also knew that they knew it was me under the cape and cowl. A fact that was reinforced after the rally.

The football game in Kezar stadium was also memorable. We had not beat Bellarmine in scores of year. But this night WE WON! There was a rush into the field and the goal posts came down and everyone got a splinter of the post to commemorate our triumph.