Dedicated to the One I Love

DedicatedToOne-I-LoveDear Betty,

I have loved you as my wife Betty for over 35 years now. You are a most caring person and have an energy that if we could bottle and sell, would be a win-win. We would benefit from the money and the world would be a more productive place for becoming more like you!

Since my Mama Nadia’s death I find my heart more vulnerable and needing of love. Betty, you give me that. But it is not all Roses and Lollipops. We still need to work at it. All that we love and want to keep and cherish.

(For those that do not know I am suffering from congestive heart failure. Dr. Lee did a sonogram recently and confirmed that my heart is still weak and keeps urging me to consider stints and pacemakers and such. We shall see.)

Upon a soapbox I step to proclaim the following to the world:

Betty has become my caretaker as well as being my wife. She is also our Mommy Kwan’s caretaker (sometimes her brother Steven helps her). Besides being an officer of the court for over 30 years, Betty has proudly maintained her RN (registered nursing) license since before our marriage to this very day.

She is well respected by Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, and many levels of administrators in both the medical and legal field. I keep telling her it is her brains for which I married her and she often casts that remark aside with a laugh as she has a well-endowed figure too!

This my public apology to her for the behavior of my family of which I am the head of.

You would think that after all the help she has provided the Chopoff’s that everyone would remember, be extremely grateful, and more importantly respectful of her and her wishes.

I hop off the soapbox and return to my dedication of love.

Betty you are my true love and soul mate. In my heart I know we have been together before this life, were very lucky to find each other in this life, and will work to do so again in the next life. Whatever it takes to make our love for each other last forever!

Betty, I will always love you.