My Boyfriend’s Back!

My Boyfriend's Back

My name is Nadia. In 1948 my sister Lydia came home and said “Ross is back and he’s looking for you!”

So I said to Ivan, who was living with us at that time, “Well, here it is! You know you don’t want to get married, which is fine, but my boyfriend is here and that was the agreement; that I would go with him when he comes”.

So Ivan went to his sister’s place to talk and came back and he says to me “OK. Let’s go!”

I said, “Let’s go where?”

He says, “Let’s go get married!” he laughed then added, “But not at the church. At the attorney.”

Well I thought about it and said “Well that’s just fine” because I am already in love with Ivan.

I told my sister “Don’t you tell him (Ross) where I’m at”! So later on I heard he (Ross) was with a Chinese woman.

But Ivan and I finally got married.

And after that came a lot of ships to Shanghai. You want to go to Australia? You want to go to Russia? You want to go to South America? That’s fine. They were there for those wishing to escape the war in China.

My stupid husband got himself a passport. Actually just a little paper from Soviet Union. He wanted to go to Russia!

“I ain’t going! I’m going to United States!” and IRO came in (International Relief Organization) and we registered with IRO and we’re going to Philippines Islands

So finally we got the papers to go to Philippines Islands.

As we are going to Philippines Island in 1948 we went on a ship and as we pass the border of China. I forgot what was that name. That was at night time so we went to sleep.

I got up in the morning and I looked in the mirror and said “Oh My God! What Happened?” I have a brown mustache, my eye brown and then another eye brown. I looked like a freak. I got all upset because I was very pretty and here is my mask. So I went to the doctors and he said you must be pregnant. It was 1948.

I said, “No! I am not pregnant.”

To which doctor replied, “Well don’t worry! The way it came, that’s how it’s going to go”.

Well it didn’t go for a long time!

(to be continued…)