Head of a Broken Family

Head of Broken FamilyPlay Prodigal Daughter by Pearl and the Beard while reading this to understand my mood. Do not listen to the words and just listen. It is calming. I feel peaceful and hopeful. Prodigal, where is home? My dear heart.

I’ve continuously been explaining since my brain bleed that I am now brain damaged. I cannot fix it but I am hoping that by explaining it people will show me some consideration and allow me to finish my thoughts.

Fortunately I can hide that in my blog. I can edit it until it makes sense to me. So you dear reader just need to believe me when I say carrying on a normal conversation is much more difficult.

My brother and I are writing checks to cover the unpaid costs due to Crosby N Gray Funeral Co. That will bury my sisters obligation made when she unwittingly signed a contract (story for another blog) and Betty will deliver our check in hopes of avoiding a horrible lawsuit.

My father complained of scientists. How ironic that I have become one. Computer science encompasses it all. We also have a belief that we are living in a computer simulation. Admittedly it is a more complicated picture than God, Heaven and Hell. Perhaps his father, my grandfather Ivan who was a priest or deacon in the Russian Orthodox church curses me for being such a sinner and non-believer.

However I like to think he has become much more open minded and forgiving now that they are all in heaven. For me heaven is more like that image presented in Defending Your Life

We shall all too soon see! Smile.