The Chinese Rich Man’s Party

Chinese Rich Man

A gift from my mama, This is based on a voice recording she made for me back in 2011. It is about how she met Ivan.

Now I’m going to record about your father. In 1946 (the) Americans came and we were very happy because we can go and eat and they were very, very nice to all the white people that we had there but they did not stay too long. In 1947 we woke up and they all were gone. All of them. So…

But In the meantime I met a boyfriend and his name was Calvin Lee Ross. And he had to leave so before he left he said he’s coming back for me. That I’ll be sure to wait for him. So I said “OK I will”. But you know Americans, they always say they’ll come but they never come. So I didn’t have much hope.

But I was waiting!

Then In 1947 I met your father. I went to the party. He brought his girlfriend with him. But danced with me all night and even didn’t take her home! He stayed there. So we had a nice time.

So I thought that was it, but no, he start calling me and one time he called me and I said I couldn’t go because I was going to the party.

There was a Chinese man, very rich man. Me and my girlfriend we knew him for quite a long time. Of course he had two or three wives (who knows?). But he was very nice and he always invited us for the party. So I went to the party. And…

Your father got mad and haven’t called me or talked to me for about a week. Finally he called me. And we went out. Then he was telling about his father and Harbin. And said he will never get married until his father brings his papers.

I said “Well that’s just fine because I am not intend to marry you. I have a boyfriend that’s supposed to come and get me and I’ll go to United States.

Then in 1948, my sister was living with us. We had the room and she had a little room by the kitchen. One day she came in and said “Ross is back”. And “He’s looking for you”.

(to be continued…)