Gone But Not Forgotten

1982xmas5x7 Geary & NadiaOur mama died and was buried according to her religion. She was Russian Orthodox and a loving parent. As I write this it has not been 40 days quite yet so her soul is still wandering upon the earth.

I was baptized a Russian Orthodox as well. However my papa Ivan (whose father was a Russian Orthodox Priest) warned me about scientists. Which ironically I have become.

Nadia left all four of her children still alive. I am the oldest, my brother the youngest and our two sisters in-between. Papa passed away in 1985. Nadia in 2016. She told me often that she still loves Ivan. Well she is buried with him now and has not haunted me about that (yet!).

Now that I am a 66 year old orphan I question their parenting skills. I am determined to not follow in their footsteps in that both left us without a written will. This was hard for me as I have suffered brain damage and find it difficult to think things through in any proper manner.

I often apologize now to those who still treat me as if I am normal, “so sorry THAT I AM not!”