Out With the Old

OutWithOldYes it is now New Year’s day. Happy New Year everyone! I am considering my resolutions and thinking back on the old year in which I died but returned with a God-given second chance. I am so very grateful to still be amongst you and know that your thoughts and prayers were of much needed assistance.

Considering all the pain and suffering I’ve been through, I believe that just staying alive and getting healthier is the number one resolution I will follow this year. It is my goal to share as much of what life I have left with my loving and dear wife, Betty.

This feeling of gratitude was made poignant as I was packing away Judy’s CD collection that had been given to me before she moved with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren to the Boston area; given I suspect because her car was already filled with everything else. In her collection I found we mostly had very similar tastes but she definitely strayed more into country western territory! It reminded me that Judy loved doing line dancing. I remember helping her find songs for her group to dance to.

I so much admire Judy for following her bliss in every pursuit she ever applied herself to!

Now it is time for me and Betty to de-clutter our lives. A difficult thing for two hoarders to accomplish. I can show you things I have that belong in a museum! In fact I do not even wish to estimate the amount of time I have spent transferring my hoard into digital medium (and now I am eyeing the cloud!). It would be easier if they just got up and scooted off on their own!

The BIG BUT is I have been trying to de-clutter since shortly after Betty1971-Plymouth-YellowBarracuda and I were married. I could blame her for some of it and I use her mess as an excuse for my own. I suppose my solution would be to get a bigger home with adequate storage space for all that stuff! At one point I had ALL of my belongings in a yellow barracuda, but I’ve written about that already. So I had already done the hard part.

Now I have once again all the stuff I had before I trimmed down to a barracuda; and more! The challenge is building up my strength and finding the determination and fortitude to accomplish my second new years resolution of de-cluttering our lives. I tend to meet the goals I set for myself. My being able to walk after being totally bedridden is proof of that. Just ask Betty, the best nurse and caretaker in the world!

BTW the cartoon is not attempting to depict Judy or Betty or anyone I know. Judy passed away on May 22, 2013 at home in peace with her family back east. I still think of her now and then; especially when seeing some of her stuff still lying about our house (like the quilt she made of me as a child).