Back To My Love

2ndChanceThis is the best part about second chances, getting to be with the one you love once again. My Betty still cries whenever she is remembering my coming back from the dead. She could not ask God for the favor of returning me. If you want to know why ask her.

For me it was painful at first. I was drugged with so-called helpful medications, but fortunately sister Tina recognized something being very wrong and had the doctors take me off some of their drugs that were affecting me adversely. Thanks sis!

Worse I could not speak because of a tube down my throat and another down my nose. Both of which were later removed and let me tell you neither was a pleasant experience. I tolerated much abuse from the staff but I also deserved some of the abuse due to my poor attitude in dealing with those who were trying to help. Unfortunately their drugs made me paranoid.

But this is about being back with Betty. Everyday I was hospitalized I prayed to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and my guardian angel that they keep her safe. I reminded them of the generous woman that she is. How she helps not only friends and family but even strangers. But when visiting me in the hospital she kept lamenting how she had not spent enough time with me. I told her I understood she has a lot to do. But that would not stop her tears from flowing and my heart breaking.

I set myself goals to meet or better her goals for me. I was bedridden and hardly able to move. I needed to be turned over by the staff to avoid bed sores. I began practicing with physical therapists to regain the abilities I had lost. The exercising was difficult but wanting to be back home again with Betty was a very powerful motivating force. As I write this I am indeed home and have been so now for nearly 3 months. According to Betty, my caretaker and soul mate I am still too sick to do things like drive, so she is my chauffer as well. Her cooking has allowed my poor skinny bum to fill out and feel comfortable again while sitting! I am so happy!

Thank you friends and family for praying and assisting me. Thank you God for allowing me a second chance!