Second Chance

streamingNeonA remarkable thing happened on July 21. I died. I blacked out in the ambulance on the way to emergency. I woke up in a neon purgatory. There was no landscape to speak of and I did not seem to have a body either. The sky and ground were long streamers of neon looking lights. A narrative kept playing in my head going on and on about parallel dimensions and time travel. OMG! I was living that novel that Lorin lent me!

After a long, long time everything began to repeat itself. The patterns were predictable, or at least as much as one knows with déjà vu; I recognized I had seen this sequence before as it occurred. To me it seemed that the recurrence took a  day to repeat.

I counted each day (there was little else to do!) and waited for the next. Eventually it was a week of days and then a month. When I got to a year I knew I was gone from my family and friends. It was clear I was facing an eternity and perhaps I would be insane soon.

After several years had gone by hope sprang up as I finally noticed a change to the pattern. I followed the oddness and discovered it led to a world similar to earth but seemingly more technologically advanced. I jumped down from a roof overhanging a garden and as my feet hit the dirt I awoke in the hospital.

There were at least 20 IVs and a tube down my throat and one down my nose. Betty was there in tears which instantly turned into a smile. I had returned from the dead. I gestured that I wanted to write. She got a pad and I managed to print “H E L P” in a scrawl.

Then I wrote “H O T” to let them know how uncomfortable I felt. But the main thing is I was back and had a second chance. One that would still take me several months of therapy to go from being totally bedridden to going home and able to walk with a walker.