Legend of Rico

2015Dec09RicoOn December 9 I heard the doorbell ring. Upon opening the door a young 19 year old introduced himself as Rico holding out a leaflet with an offer of a free installation. I was standing behind a closed steel grate and cracked it open to extend my hand thru and get a better look at his leaflet. He continued his spiel as I pulled my hand back to my side of the grate; nearly closing it. but leaving just a gap open. I was reminded of the time I had been a door to door salesman and how hard it was to get anyone to talk to. So I started up a conversation with Rico. Then I came out from behind the grate.

After a bit of chit-chat He agreed that this job of passing out free installation offers for a security company was temporary and in real life he will continue with his college education with a major in psychology. However he is also a musician on soundcloud.

As expected I encouraged him to follow his dreams; you got to have a dream if you want your dream to come true! He seemed happy to talk with me and even better he seemed to appreciate my advice. He was all of 19 years old with so much life still ahead of him.

I reflected on how I became a consultant because he was most interested in that. I went through the story of how I use to go to the Homebrew Computer Club. There I saw Dave Miller make an announcement about needing a technician. It was not until about two week later when David stood up and once again announced he still needed a technician. Curiosity overcame me and I approached him and asked why no one had taken up his offer. Apparently they could not pass some test of his. Did I mind taking the test? “Not at all!” I eagerly replied and passed it with flying colors.

Before I knew it I was working as an entry burn-in technician in charge of Intel memory chips. While working for Intel I met some consultants and asked them the question Rico asked me “How did you become a consultant?”. They told me as I told Rico and now you dear audience. You become one by believing that you are one. I was fortunate that my talents for problem solving came at a time few people knew what to do with all those personal computers. So I provided my advice for a competitive fee and soon found there was much more work than I could possibly do myself.

I bid Rico farewell and closed the gate. Locked it and then did the same with my front door. I shuffled back to my hospital bed to nap sans cane. A shadow of the man I had been, but still alive and I still have dreams I wish to see come true! As to Rico, he can become the legend if he picks his proper path!