Alive Alive Oh!

Jump4JoyI’ve been home now for a bit over two months. There are things that I use to do that I no longer do. The hardest loss for me is my ability to rationalize. While it is less severe now than while I was heavily drugged by doctors shortly after waking from my coma, it remains an ever present reminder of the ordeal I recently survived. However there is that caveat that someday I, as so many others before me will die. I am sure you have heard that saying “None of us get out of here Alive!”.

We work at staying alive with diet and exercise. We have doctors to fix our ills with drugs and surgery. Many view our lives here as the only one we have had or ever will have. This in spite of evidence that every cell in our body is replaced within a span of 7 years. So if you are 21 then you are in your 3rd body. By 63 you are in your 9th. If you make it to 119 well that’s your 17th body! Even if my math is wrong eventually you are absolutely not the you that you were not so many years ago!

So then where did the concept of “only one life” come from? Perhaps we are all in a lucid dream that God shares. I am just another participant; or perhaps the only one in my own universe? Easier to think like Yoda than to grasp the “real” truth of life, in this galaxy far, far…away.