Month: December 2015

Back To My Love

This is the best part about second chances, getting to be with the one you love once again. My Betty still cries whenever she is remembering my coming back from the dead. She could not ask God for the favor of returning me. If you want to know why ask her. For me it was […]

Second Chance

A remarkable thing happened on July 21. I died. I blacked out in the ambulance on the way to emergency. I woke up in a neon purgatory. There was no landscape to speak of and I did not seem to have a body either. The sky and ground were long streamers of neon looking lights. […]

Legend of Rico

On December 9 I heard the doorbell ring. Upon opening the door a young 19 year old introduced himself as Rico holding out a leaflet with an offer of a free installation. I was standing behind a closed steel grate and cracked it open to extend my hand thru and get a better look at […]

Alive Alive Oh!

I’ve been home now for a bit over two months. There are things that I use to do that I no longer do. The hardest loss for me is my ability to rationalize. While it is less severe now than while I was heavily drugged by doctors shortly after waking from my coma, it remains […]