Lemon Into Lemonade

woman-squeezing-lemonsA lemon tree is pretty. But its fruit is bitter, nearly impossible to eat. There is an old adage about turning lemons into lemonade, with a lot of wisdom behind it I must say. I decided to utilize that wisdom and apply it to my sorry circumstance. While sick from the flu and unable to eat anything I naturally lost a lot of weight. I do not recommend anyone to go on the Flu Diet. For me it did effectively take quite a few pounds off as can be seen by my face in the picture taken for my driver’s license posted in my profile.

So to make lemonade I began monitoring my food and caloric intake to make sure I had enough energy but could still continue to lose weight. To keep track of weight loss I also monitored my weight in a separate spreadsheet. As of today I am down to 247 lbs. after being above 280 lbs. before I got the flu. Also I will begin juicing shortly to add the micronutrients I need to complete the detox process. However I need to point out that I am feeling very well. My eyesight is great. I can smell things I could never smell before! My only side effect from having been ill for several months is my strength which is still not back to where it had been but that’s just a matter time and physical therapy. However I am still able to get about albeit a bit more slowly and without being able to lift anything more than 20 lbs. (for now).

From the lemon tree of life I am making my lemonade. I am grateful to the creators for this opportunity to change my life and am looking forward to returning to a more normal lifestyle yet wanting to retain and use the knowledge of how to keep and maintain a much healthier one!