Time to Reboot!

TimeToRebootIn the beginning of January I got the flu. I had nearly got rid of it by my sister Tina’s birthday. However on her birthday it was cold and drizzly and I had a recurrence that literally knocked me down. I began experiencing panic attacks and found it difficult to breath. The attacks also led to often my soiling my clothes. All in all a most unpleasant experience. As I write this we are past the 4th of July and even though I am long past those events two things persist. My strength has not come back. I am still weak. This is largely in part to the side effect of not being able to eat. Most food now makes me nauseous. Nor am I hungry. My wife is naturally concerned. I’ve done what I can to return to a normal diet but with little success. However my health has improved, nearly paradoxically.

During this six months time I have done a lot of research into health. I am influenced by Joe Cross who made a documentary called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. He advocates juicing as an aid to getting well. In fact many experts in nutrition are saying we are eating from the wrong end of the food pyramid. Apparently we need to eat much more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and organic products. But first we need to rid ourselves of the toxins.

On the topic of detoxification I have found Dr. John Bergman to be most informative and helpful. His videos are filled with medical knowledge and he backs up his claims from medical journals and studies. He tells it like it is as far as our medical establishment is more one of treating symptoms than going to cure the root cause.

So I bought a juicer. It is a Hamilton Beach, but I went for one from the Amazon Warehouse to save a few bucks. I am still doing a bit more research. Joe’s movie is great but his book goes into much more detail. Betty is excited about juicing as well. In the mean time I started a 7 day fast a few days ago as part of the detox process. It seems to be working though I am a lot weaker now. I am hopeful when I begin juicing that the micronutrients give me the energy back.

By the way I would be remiss in not mentioning Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and his Fasting and Eating for Health. One of many books he has written on the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy body. It is an essential guide to explain how to fast and more importantly how to properly end one. His and Bergman’s medicine practice is the ones that I respect. If only all doctors followed the same principles. It all goes back to Hippocrates:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.