At the Very Tip of my Tongue

TipOfTongueYesterday I had one of those rare lunches with a close friend. Yes we talked business but we also talked of many other things. We are both recovering from recent re-infections and still wondering when all our hard work will pay off. Of course we hatch another business scheme that could bring something in while fishing for investors that will bring our real money.

But enough about business. We also discussed Conceptione and how reading chapters from the book could cause insomnia. One’s brain races as it tries to understand concepts like cognition and metacognition. After all it is difficult enough to understand how we think and know, now imagine the difficulty we have in understanding that we know something but are unable to name it and that we would recognize that missing word if someone would just say it! There’s an expression about it being at the tip of our tongue, but we just can’t verbalize it.

It made me realize that I needed to add more “dumbed-down” chapters. My audience is not responding because it does not know what to think. The concepts are a step beyond and bridges need to be built to better connect to those island concepts and explain their true purpose and how knowledge of how we really think will eventually help all of us understand each other all that much better.

I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant
— Alan Greenspan

Once we all are beyond the misconception of what it is we actually understand and how we manage to fool ourselves that it is the same for everyone else; once we are more tolerant in possible interpretations and misrepresentations; then we can begin to take the steps to actually understand how to walk a mile in that other person’s shoes. Only then can we can actually … (what’s that famous Heinlein word for understand?)