Most Recent Epiphany

newton_appleSome ideas mark one historically. Most though reveal a truth that has been ever present and acknowledged by nearly everyone, except you, until just recently. I am referring to my “miraculous” recovery after an agonizing several weeks of being on the highway to hell rollercoaster. The symptoms were so severe that at times I was tempted to tell my wife to call 911.

I was in a Catch-22. To get better I needed to get rest, but every time I tried I started choking. I struggled to catch my breath. As long as this persisted I would not get the rest I so badly needed! Worse it had been so many days that this symptom persisted that I found myself nodding off. Which immediately led to a panic attack. To which I could only remind myself to stop hyperventilating, take a deep breath and consciously breath. Over and over as in an unending nightmare.

My other symptom was more troubling. I was nauseas. Everything I smelled and even the thought of eating made me want to vomit. I was managing to hold down bits of food, but the lack of proper diet was causing me to tire easily. All of which I was positive would be cured if I could only properly fall asleep.

I prayed to God and I prayed to the creators. I prayed to any and all that would listen to my prayers. Please allow me to heal. Allow me to get back to health. “Please!” I pleaded, all the while doing my best to maintain a good attitude about each day leading me back to how I was before all this madness started.

That all changed yesterday and now I am back from the dead! This is the epiphany. That all those ills can disappear overnight. I am still in shock over the sudden recovery, but also extremely grateful to all the spirits that lent me a hand. Thank you one and all!