Flu Season Hits Hard

IllGearyI am still recovering from the flu as Christmas music plays in the background. My illness has lasted now more days than I care to remember. It caused me to postpone my jury duty. Today with the advent of down pouring rain I am staying home instead of seeing my mom. Hopefully tomorrow things will look brighter all around and I can go see her then.

As picture to left indicates I am all bundled up and drinking hot tea to help overcome my illness. In the meantime I work on the next system build with 1st Tech’s Chris Russo. He keeps my system running in the bleeding edge so that I am familiar with what my clients will be running years from now.

The thought of the roller coaster ride I’ve been on continue to amaze me and treasure the health I had but a few weeks ago. Now I wonder when will I ever be that well again?

As to the system builds I am envisioning at least two. It is time to put a media center in the living room. To explore alternatives to AT&T U-verse. Maybe it will be a DVR as well? Things I must ponder on. I know this does not make it any easier for Chris, but I’d rather take my time and have the system requirements fully fleshed out before committing to the systems I will purchase from 1st Techs.

The gunk has slowed but still persists. The nausea is subsiding. I’m able to sleep for at least a couple of hours at a time. All in all remarkable progress. There is still that awful cough. Still this roboSlave is still here, surviving  and will continue to improve, day by day, waiting for the blue skies!