Month: February 2015

Roller Coaster Surprise

Yes as I said in my last blog I am back from the dead. However the ride is still not over. Yesterday I spent the entire day coughing up gunk. This is natural as the body has no better way of eliminating all the bad bits. While it was to be expected it still caught […]

Most Recent Epiphany

Some ideas mark one historically. Most though reveal a truth that has been ever present and acknowledged by nearly everyone, except you, until just recently. I am referring to my “miraculous” recovery after an agonizing several weeks of being on the highway to hell rollercoaster. The symptoms were so severe that at times I was […]

Flu Season Hits Hard

I am still recovering from the flu as Christmas music plays in the background. My illness has lasted now more days than I care to remember. It caused me to postpone my jury duty. Today with the advent of down pouring rain I am staying home instead of seeing my mom. Hopefully tomorrow things will […]