Back to Blogging

backToRealityIt has been a hiatus since my blog was hacked. It’s not that I have a lot to blog about, obviously, but a venture into the web to help my sister Tina, prompted me to examine what services I still had active. This of course prompted me to complete the restoration of this blog on, if only to archive it.

It was not until I reestablished the blog that I could relieve my fear that parts of it had been lost forever. I had a bit of reassurance from the WayBack Machine program that at least a fragment of my blog had been retained for some dubious posterity.

For those who missed my musing I profusely apologize for taking so long to return to my adventures in reality fiction. However I am back, at least for this one entry as a test of the tools I am using to record and maintain this vital information. There are still many blog entries concerned with friends and family that are still up on this blog. Many of the hyperlinks are broken too. But that was a situation that exists because of the nature of the world wide web; it like us is a living thing, evolving, changing.

I owe a great debt of gratitude for all those that contributed to my blog directly and indirectly. You are my extended family offering sanity in a crazy mixed-up world! The title of this blog entry come from a Red Dwarf episode called “Back to Reality”. I provide a clip here of the boys waking from what turns out to be a virtual reality game they were involved in. In many ways I do believe we are all in a virtual reality game and that for most of us death provides the wake-up call.

Yes I am back to blogging and if I made a video it would sound a lot like this. No I do not know Victoria, but her first words greatly echoed my own thoughts.

I often use music to express my emotions. While Christmas is something most of you view as a last year event, for us it lasts until Chinese New Years arrives. So I have Christmas music playing in the background daily. It helps me remember all my friends and family. The good times we have shared. It also reminds me of those who have departed this virtual reality game. Most recently Gail Alter was added to that list of friends no longer playing in our sandbox. To all those friends, family, loved ones, I dedicate this song.

Finally I stress that his blog is about my vision of my life and does not try to adhere to any statement that can be repeated as truthful. In other words it is an abstract that at best is merely based on reality. For example I am currently trying to recover from chest congestion that was aggravated a couple of Saturday’s ago. I am still working on recovery but the clerks who keep rescheduling me for jury duty want a doctor’s note. Something I am loathe to acquire due to the fact it can only happen after a live confrontation with the doctor assigned to me under Betty’s coverage. It also goes against the grain of my social and religious beliefs. There is much truth in these words, but all are contained in this work of reality fiction. Every blog I have written has been so. Every blog I will write cannot help but be so. However I sincerely hopes it provides you with a chuckle or at least makes you wonder about your own life. ‘Til next time…(que the music!)