To A Wedding Promising New Life

brassybassVoices through the PA are unintelligible. Mostly due to too much bass and no treble. “What’d they say?” my wife keeps asking me. I Shrug and keep shrugging. Then the dancing begins. The loudness goes past 11. I am pretty sure I am deaf now. I feel the beat in my chest and feet. The Boom-PHHH! Boom-PHHH could also be the crowd. No telling what the song is. But the tempo changes. A lone voice suddenly yelling over the PA. “Let’s Get This Party Started!” The crowd goes wild as everything accelerates in an explosion of bodies turning the dance floor into a writhing mass sucking in over 200 men women and children with tribal intensity.

It is a good wedding. Aaron and Jennifer know how to put on a bash. We arrive home at something past 11 PM wondering how we lasted as long as we did. It all started at 4:30 PM in the remains of a blistering sun on top of a hill. Many refused to stand in it preferring to fan themselves with the program in what shade they could find beneath an overhang. However the breeze could not penetrate the cluster of bodies; I found more relief standing in the slight shade of a small tree with a bit of wind to cool me down. Once the ceremony started many who were dressed in black did take their seats to respect the couple; broiling; sweating; through a beautiful but torturous ceremony.

Gremlins arrived and wrecked havoc with the portable PA system which was setup so that all could hear their words. Instead the voices broke in and out making nonsense of whatever it was they were saying. The singer rightly sang directly to the crowd without even attempting to use that broken mike. We applauded his vocal feat with a loud cheer. None of this stopped the ceremony from proceeding. Finally the owner of the portable PA rigged something that worked almost without incident. After his fix there were still feedback howls and difficulty in hearing some speakers, the wedding still proceeding despite it all.

In the light of our recent loss of dear friend Judy, it was a pleasure to be there. Despite being ill I managed to endure all the events; wedding; cocktails in happy hour; speeches; pictures; dinner; cake; all the way up to the near midnight snack. I reflect upon the quote from Helen Keller:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”

However I could easily see that this one door lead to a wedding promising new life.