Goodbye SimCity Woes

LoverlyIt is a gloomy day. One that threatens to rain. Yet I welcome the rain. Perhaps it will wash away all those bits of pollen that have afflicted my eyes and head. Please wash away my pain and discomfort.

I have heard nothing further about Judy. Tomorrow is her birthday. I will call tomorrow and then know better how she fares. But from what I have heard so far she is far from well.

The simulated cities have become redundant. Though I choose different patterns the inane complaint balloons remain the same. They whine about needing a clinic, firemen and police protection. Don’t they know how much that all costs! Even educating them so that they become smart enough to prevent dumb fires costs money.

Thus all my cities have small populations (less than 100K & often less than 50K). But my bank grows and I am often in control of over $1M. Of course that is in Simoleans and not actual dollars.

But this is a multiplayer game and I am supposedly playing in the multiplayer arena. So where are all the players? The core issue is that the concept of Great Works as well as Global Market is flawed. The GW causes more problems and is far too expensive to build. Similarly GM does not fluctuate! What market remains at a fixed price day in day out? So attempting to be a trader is useless. The main irritant is there is no point to playing SimCity in multiplayer mode. Other than the joy of having newbies ask you newbie questions: “Where are the trees?” and bailing them out when they run out of Simoleans well before they have a population of even 5K!

It’s broken Maxis! Your concept is flawed. What I find are lots of started regions that are quickly abandoned by its players. I know because I am following the crowd. I keep joining regions that were just started that day and within a couple more I am once again looking for another as nobody but me is coming back there.

My tirade is over. There is so much to complain about still. However I need to focus on more productive projects. There are a ton of them just lying about. Also there is a real market in which to play. I have had enough; I am moving on. Goodbye SimCity Woes!