Am I a Sim?

2013may01-ColaKaBananaIt is another day but the first of a new month. Relentlessly time goes by with deadlines looming ever closer. Yet I find myself absorbed with other issues. For I am mayor FireFox3Rdy2Kil of ColaKaBanana, a city I resurrected from an abandoned site.

If only money were as easy to make in what we call the real world. I find it easy to change time to Cheetah speed and watch all my Sims rush about with their simple To-do lists wired into their tiny simulated brains. I also find it tedious to continuously be bull-dozing rubble and abandoned properties to keep the land values of my city high.

There are homeless wandering the streets but I ignore them. They contribute not one tax dollar to my bottom line. After all doesn’t everyone say that money makes the world go round?

I would linger here expounding on my discoveries however my siren cries to me of rubble and abandonment needing to be dealt with and no one but me to authorize each and every bull-dozing. At times I do wonder if this simple script I follow makes me no different from all those minions. How is my life better than those bits of animated silicon? For I find myself in a familiar rut; doing the same things day after day. It causes me to pause and ponder “Am I a Sim?”.