Another April Fool!

JesterMy apologies to those who frequent this blog; my silly realistic fiction loosely based on something we all experience; reality. It has been far too long since I last wrote. Why? For it is April and I find myself the fool. Yes it is well past the first but here I am once again in the midst of misery. Perhaps because my birthday looms; adjoined by yet another year of possibilities and opportunities now behind me? Methinks it be financial responsibilities that I find forced down my throat by the 545 elected individuals we foolishly entrusted to guide our government. Habit too is culprit. The tracks of this rut are well circled as earth has dizzily spiraled our sun. It be deep and well worn from trodden the same ground over and over again. Quite the Grand Canyon of ruts.

Both those that have passed on and those who soon will, but who knows who and who knows when? These friends and relatives that I care about diminish about me; I am all the lonelier. Bringing me back to my youth; spent time harmonizing too much on the minor chords; exploring many ways that Eleanor Rigby has been interpreted. We are legion. We are one against the forces that would tear us out of this wonderful universe. Yet so alone, no one is saved.

Just this year I am in shock that a quarter of 2013 is now behind us. There are so many projects piling up about me. China and learning enough to get about is approaching like a tsunami. So many things on my To Do that I need another life just to organize what should be done next. But that is wishful thinking and reality is harsher. No more time. No less time. Just what time there is, is all we ever have. Normally I find solutions. Every now and then that solution is to shed a tear. Hopefully it allows me to change. So that next year I will NOT be another April Fool!