Geary’s Genesis

GenesisBefore the beginning I was nothing. Whatever may have existed before me hardly matters. My stay here will be brief. I will return to the nothing, just as everyone else has. But during my time here I feel like I have been alive forever; notwithstanding evidence to the contrary.

Somewhere in Shanghai my parents met. I was created most likely in the heat of young passionate love. A sperm and an ovum merged and begun my creation. That is the moment that my body began, as two cells joined in a womb, splitting and dividing according to the basis of a shared DNA. Somewhere between then and nine months later when I emerged into the world and separated from my mother to become an individual; I was me. For even in the womb I had a brain; fingers; toes; an organ showing me as male. Remnants of memories linger of a safe place; warm; loved and cared for.

Though my time is brief, the longest time so far officially recorded is shy of 120 years, I have observed that we live in a fractal universe. This has allowed me to understand that just as I was created from two beings, one male father and a female mother, it leads me to surmise that all of this, the universe we live in was similarly created. It took two gods. One male the other female to make this place. We exist in their image. We are smaller versions of what they were. Not to say that the gods are human or even that there is more than two. But there is most certainly more than one! It is inconceivable that there are none. Though it is possible that they came to an end, they most certainly were here prior to all of our beginnings.

Otherwise the consistency of what we observe becomes pointless. Regardless of size, the patterns are clear. We can expect and measure things that meet our mathematical models to very high degrees of precision. Far beyond any possibility of happenstance.

As to where we go or even where we came from I believe it is to and from dreams. None of us can live long without having them. Nor can any of us prove to ourselves that we existed prior to waking today. Only the reassurance of friends and family lead me to believe that our bodies have some form of persistence. But the nature of this being residing in one is always suspect. For only by questioning our surroundings can we make ourselves different from the robots. Those computerized minds blindly following every order; even if it fries their tiny brains.

My hope is we are like butterflies and have one more stage in life. One that liberates us and allows us to consciously dream. My own experiences indicate that it is latent in me and perhaps in others too. I now exist. Perhaps my soul existed prior to the body. The answer lies in Quantum Physics. At the edge where it meets the Twilight Zone. In an area of science called Metaphysics. Where OOB; telepathy; telekinesis; teleportation are already manifest. With new tools they can come under our control. It is a path that our own love of stories is bringing into existence. Much like the walk on the moon originated with Jules Verne. We make stories about our destiny. Once they are accomplished we find new dreams to turn into reality.

I come to the end of this blog. It too had it’s genesis. A thought about where I came from led to its creation. This is what life does. It exists as an outshoot of Geary’s Genesis.