World Keeps Changing

DominoNormally days go by quietly and I can live with that. Then out of the blue something unexpected happens. That is why my blog looks different. Someone decided to change things at 1&1. Now my blog’s theme has reverted to DEFAULT. It no longer has the delicate blue background. Also the view of the Pyramid building is missing. Nor do I know how to recover what I was content with. I am just another domino in the click-clacking progression of change.

I got a call from an old friend the other day. Jim says he’s doing fine and was happy to reach me. He mentioned this call was prompted by a Christmas card that he came across with our picture; Betty and me. While talking I was reminded of some calls that I should make.

Recently PainFTW and my other persona FireFox3Rdy2Kil tried a BETA. It’s a PC browser based game; he was frustrated that it did not support a USB gamepad. We looked for a mapper; found one for $10 too much; Pain took more time and finally found a free one; he spent even more time mapping each and every movement; every button; to a key.

We finally were able to play; started WarFace; noticed we were unable to change the difficulty; fixed at Novice. However we soon learned that even at this difficulty it was an impossible game to win. The enemy were numerous; deadly! Our guns had too little ammo. Also when one of us died we were kept in limbo; not regenerated until the other made it to the next checkpoint; which rarely happened. I cannot recall the exact number of hours we wasted attempting to win this first entry level mission. At the end of our night the last checkpoint was finally in sight. Suddenly we were stormed by a flood of enemy; sadly we both died; it was late; we gave up; utterly frustrated.

I bring this blog to a close. It is but another attempt at adding my impressions to things that I have observed. What I write is based on my memories. Thoughts intermingled with imagination, dreams and something just outside that is often thought to be reality. There is no attempt to be truthful. I write whatever fits my mood without concern to accuracy. However it is dependent upon a certain balance; stability.

The only constant being the world keeps changing.