Month: March 2013

Meeting Death

Once when I was a young man I sold encyclopedias. Actually all I ever managed to sell was one set. This job required a suit; I bought a new one; they said I’d be paid by commission. My thoughts rambled away; me musing; sitting upon an old wooden rickety park bench. Gazing up through tree […]

Geary’s Genesis

Before the beginning I was nothing. Whatever may have existed before me hardly matters. My stay here will be brief. I will return to the nothing, just as everyone else has. But during my time here I feel like I have been alive forever; notwithstanding evidence to the contrary. Somewhere in Shanghai my parents met. […]

Traffic Simulator Cheats!

Lately I have become obsessed with a traffic game. I have explored it through iteration I & II. The houses and factories are populated on a grid map seemingly at random. It evolves over time starting with just one house (though 4 are always displayed) and one factory. There are many things I like about […]

World Keeps Changing

Normally days go by quietly and I can live with that. Then out of the blue something unexpected happens. That is why my blog looks different. Someone decided to change things at 1&1. Now my blog’s theme has reverted to DEFAULT. It no longer has the delicate blue background. Also the view of the Pyramid […]