Viral Interruption

ViralInterruptionSometime in the near past my computer has been hit by a virus. It was insidious. It deliberately disabled my firewall and removed supporting utilities so that I am no longer able to access my own local network. This is in a way an explanation for why I have not posted a blog entry recently.

I have also been immersed in the Mass Effect 3 world. In fact I have already beaten it at Hardcore level playing as my good Female Shepard. I am now doing the evil path with my ruthless Male Shepard. So far it is going well; I am having fun; with his superman powers; flying into the enemy; killing the lower ones instantly. His shotgun quickly takes out most higher level grunts. In fact he mostly does not die except when I inadvertently jump into too many bosses! But then I repeat from save point; know what is coming; compensate for it and easily defeat them.

The other thing that is taking too much time is my work with RG. A few months ago, actually well before the beginning of this year, I started a project that has proved quite daunting. I am revising my network to explore the wireless. Yes this Flintstone’s house will once again catch up with technology and provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot for visitors. It is going slowly due to judicious allotment of capital, but more so the time it is taking to become knowledgeable with available tools and securities. Of course due to the recent infestation that I am battling even today, I need to be sure it as hack resistant as I can make it.

Finally I miss my friends. I spent the whole first month of this year catching up with them and now due to fixing, studying and working I find the days flying by with me at home/office doing my best to run through my things to do list. One that my wife Betty makes sure she has a few items on as well! Once again I’m sorry to be taking so long to come out with another blog entry and you can expect them more frequently once I am fully rid of the aforementioned viral interruption.

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