Life To Live!

OutOfBoxWhen presented with a challenge we must be creative. After all this is not some mundane problem that has a common sense solution. Rather it is the type of issue that opens our minds to “out of the box” thinking. When the world as a whole is being led by the nose to believe that there are no jobs; that one is lucky to have whatever slave labor contract they’ve signed; that is exactly the time to turn to inspiration. Use your visionary powers to forecast what the world really needs. Often it is but a simple matter of applying your genius to innovation. A juxtaposition of two common objects in the light of a new and intriguing concept.

Should all else fail then join the competition and become the best at whatever you happen to enjoy. Empower yourself by surrounding yourself with what makes you happy as that happiness will become infectious. Stimulating others into helping you because deep down we all really want to help each other. Once the barriers are removed even strangers respond to enthusiasm. Let us all dance and party.

Feel the rhythm of life and harmonize with the birds and bees. Absorb some sunshine and walk about observantly. The stimulation of being a part of creation is exquisite! Perhaps you feel you’d rather be sublime; make a grand charitable gesture with humbleness. But stay strong for you are the champion! Beyond clever and cool you are gifted with a unique perspective. Be your talent. Be able, alive, astute and brilliant. Draw on your imagination, knowledge, your life. For you are witty! Wise! A whiz!

Be your own muse or find one. Often it is the journey that is the point of life rather than the destination. Avoid the foolish who spout idiotic and imbecile rhetoric intent on dragging you down to their funk. Be perceptive, productive; maintain originality; brainstorm with friends; add a foe or two for balance. It is your life to live!