Breakfast Reunion

upI met with Jerry yesterday at Black Bear Diner. It is the first time I have seen him in over 20 years. When I last saw him Martha was well. Since then she has pasted on and recently Jerry remarried. These thoughts dwelled in my mind as he spoke of gaining an education in the American (in-)Justice system. Especially when the political powers that be hold the strings of the judges and council. Jazz melodies stirred from my reptile brain; we were both old and young sitting across; separated by three feet of wood; united again as if no time at all had passed.

I did not comment on how he looked. Obviously older but still recognizable. I’d forgotten how enthusiastic he could be on certain subjects; fortunately there was much that we agreed upon.

This is in contrast with how difficult it has been to see Steve. For months on end we have talked and he has used the excuse of being busy. Sincere in his intent but never finding that opportunity for us to meet. I’ve left two messages this year with no response at all; nada.

Perhaps the most important thing that Jerry said was with regard to Martha. They had planned on growing old together but instead he was taught a different lesson. But he seems to be doing well and we talked about the unfair distribution of wealth and how all good things become bad and revolution seems the only cure.

On a positive note we could build his metronome watch now with much less effort and money. We reminisced over eggs benedict; a good choice enjoyed by both. He graciously picked up the tab and we stood under the gray overcast cold of the parking lot letting the conversation come to a close; slowly. Finally a sea gull flew by and a crowd exited the Black Bear. We said our goodbyes and promised to meet before another 20 years had passed. All in all a wonderful breakfast reunion.