Old Friend

OldFriendsGrey skies hung ominously low. Perhaps a mere veil concealing covert activity? Have you ever been in a plane that has pierced through such a cloud cover only to discover a blue sky and bright sun shine? But that is how my life is, a life full of questions; answers are few and infrequent.

Super Bowl is a reminder of my papa passing back in 1985. That the 49ers lost by just a few points does not really matter much to me. We watched along with all of America and the south and the east got their wish. Betty mentioned all that lost revenue; the jerseys and other paraphernalia that is now worthless. It’s meaningless however for one side has to lose; this time it was us.

There is a silver lining as I am preparing to see with my friend Jerry who I have not seen in all too many years. We are meeting at the Black Bear in Milpitas. It is a very nice restaurant; I will no doubt order the eggs benedict with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. It is by far my favorite breakfast there. He should be there by 10 AM.

I’ll let you know how our reunion goes.

I strongly suspect that the power outage yesterday was done by a west coast hacker that did not like that the Raven’s were so far ahead in the 2nd quarter. We may never know for a fact as a company’s reputation is on the line; frantically covering-up what actually happened; claiming their system worked perfectly!

The hot water is whistling so I must go and grab a quick snack to break my fast prior to having my breakfast! Here’s to meeting with an old friend.