Month: February 2013

*Phreak *2* Phreak*!

The eerie screeching and wailing goes unheeded. I am once again upon a BART bound for San Francisco. There is a stench of humanity, even urine. The appearance about me is ghetto punctuated by ill; aural protests; eyes tearing with empathy for this old mismanaged system. What once was the pride of our Bay Area […]

Viral Interruption

Sometime in the near past my computer has been hit by a virus. It was insidious. It deliberately disabled my firewall and removed supporting utilities so that I am no longer able to access my own local network. This is in a way an explanation for why I have not posted a blog entry recently. […]

Life To Live!

When presented with a challenge we must be creative. After all this is not some mundane problem that has a common sense solution. Rather it is the type of issue that opens our minds to “out of the box” thinking. When the world as a whole is being led by the nose to believe that […]

Breakfast Reunion

I met with Jerry yesterday at Black Bear Diner. It is the first time I have seen him in over 20 years. When I last saw him Martha was well. Since then she has pasted on and recently Jerry remarried. These thoughts dwelled in my mind as he spoke of gaining an education in the […]

Old Friend

Grey skies hung ominously low. Perhaps a mere veil concealing covert activity? Have you ever been in a plane that has pierced through such a cloud cover only to discover a blue sky and bright sun shine? But that is how my life is, a life full of questions; answers are few and infrequent. Super […]