Best World Ever!

tommyThere are many ways to color or alter our world. This so called “real” world that all of us live in but none of us experience in the same way. My claim goes beyond the apparent commonality of what our senses present and that our brains labor to create for we are at the center of our very own black holes. It approaches the twilight zone where unexpected things happen in an expectant fashion.

Back when the Pinball Wizard was king and Tommy a killer double CD from the Who which later became a so-so movie, we as a species were totally into exploring the make believe that was so real it permanently changed some friends of mine. One whose name when I knew him was…(edit: Jerry Ferris)…hmm there goes that faulty memory again. But he was a musician, he played a Vox and showed me how to riff the lead-in to “Riders on the Storm” as well as “96 tears” and a few other then popular songs.

It did not take long for LSD and the other hallucinogens he was ingesting to convert him into an alien. It was as if a body snatcher from some dark side had taken over;  disposing of my friend’s soul with a fiendish grin. At that point his body was no longer friend and I bid Jerry’s soul a safe journey to heaven.

Tommy’s world was ideal. Though he was deaf, dumb and blind. He was having the time of his life; living in the best world ever!