Piroshky & Conversation!

PeroshkyIn celebration of my sister’s birthday her children would be joining her on a trip to San Francisco. Their party would be taking place at a steakhouse in the embarcadero. However before going grandmother wanted her piroshky! It was good that they had brought the necessary ingredients to bake them up fresh. Tiffany made enough for her grandmother and me but they were saving their own appetites for Tina’s birthday party.

Her piroshky were simply delicious! However Tiffany made the layer of dough about those piroshky very thin. So they lacked that bready flavor that you find in a thick pizza and had a crunchy skin akin to a thin pizza. Her piroshky had no cheese. Just lots of meat, onions, egg and the aforementioned very thin layer of dough. I present in upper left a picture of a traditional piroshky so that one may understand that there is normally a yeasty layer of dough of some thickness (at least a quarter of an inch) to impart the unique flavor of the dough to the meat. So while her piroshky were delicious, they were different from what I had been expecting and my memories were longing for that first piroshky that I had as a lad in the Cinderella Bakery with a hot cup of Russian tea and a bottle of soy sauce.

While waiting for the piroshky I had a great conversation about mathematics, physics and video gaming with Alexander and Denell. During the conversation I told them of my theory of resonating fractals. It is my belief that DNA does not contain enough information to make a human being. However because we resonate, our atoms tune to the forms nearest us. Those forms are normally human.

This radical belief explains why humans and their pets often come to resemble one another over time. It also explains why we resemble our parents. I know of at least one case where someone who did not know they were adopted truly believed they were the child of both parents. She was devastated when learning upon her mother’s death that her biological mother was someone else. But they did look very much like mother and daughter in my humble opinion.

My other contribution to the conversation is my observation of the very realistic simulation of the world we all run in our brains. That in fact everything we think of as going about us outside is really happening inside our brains. These are thoughts that I have ruminated about elsewhere.

They left and Mama ate all but three of the piroshky Tiffany had prepared. It was after all her breakfast, lunch and dinner! It was a wonderful Saturday. It is always a good day when one can have both piroshky & conversation!