The Great Piccione

TheGreatPiccioneThis picture was given to me by my dear friend James, departed for many years now. He inscribed it on the back; I used PS to move it to the lower right. “The Great Piccione – 1986” he called himself and indeed he was.

Jim had many talents yet was most expert at analog engineering. However his aspirations after DTC was to prove he too could create a successful business thus System 10 was born.

I do not recall if this picture was taken then. I still have one of his scales which works well; it does a great job of telling me how much my mail weighs; what my postage should be. We learned a lot by making that scale. It was a success measured by the number of people he employed for those few years.

Most endearing were the many occasions he would take time to converse with me about anything and everything. It was an immense pleasure to have someone who is brilliant understand what I am saying; even more so that his opinions were well thought out; very often quite helpful.

Our favorite meeting place was Di Cicco’s on Bascom Avenue in San Jose. It’s gone now but a few others in the chain still exist. A bit of steaming hot garlic bread smothered with white gooey cheese and a glass of Chianti would be just the start of several hours of chatting that melted away too quickly. Even when troubled his expression would change to a broad smile upon meeting; he’d chuckle and shrug whatever it was aside. I miss you Jim, “The Great Piccione”.

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  1. Maria Thompson-McSperitt says:

    Thanks so much for the touching memorial to Dad. I know he thought the world of you and loved having those “working” lunches with you too. I also find it hard to believe he is gone and often find myself picking up the phone to call home.

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