Its Nothing

chinese-mountainsI had lunch with Yulin today. It was an unexpected delight. We just spoke last year and yesterday out of the blue she called and I happily agreed to meet her at one of my frequented restaurants. We spoke of many things but I was most moved by a story she told with a quiet voice concealing a broken heart.

She spoke of her friend Gale whom she had known for years. A woman of intelligence and a queer belief regarding gifts; quite similar to mine. That part was confusing because Gale echoed my own words, “No presents just presence is all you should bring”. Yulin abided with her friend’s beliefs, after all Gale, a person of distinguished abilities in the field of psychology, obviously had good reason for choosing a life contrary to tradition.

However gifts already in use were deemed acceptable. It was Gale’s son birthday so Yulin wrapped up a gift of her own son’s jacket. It was in fact a most wonderful jacket. Yulin added emphatically, “in excellent condition!”.

Gale’s son fell in love with that jacket the moment he laid eyes upon and wore and danced about in it as a demonstration of joy! How much did he treasure that jacket? For weeks it was all he wore. He enjoyed the gift and shouted so with glee; with that jacket on everywhere; absolutely everywhere he went. All was fine for many weeks in this years long caring relationship when suddenly Gale appeared at Yulin’s doorstep and threw that jacket back in Yulin’s face!

It was as if a lovely mountain, smooth; gentle with age; covered in beautiful forest; suddenly exploded! Revealing itself to be a deadly volcano. Gale was indeed a most violent storm. One that tore their years long friendship to shreds. It was over. Only a painful, ugly crater remains where a peaceful mountain stood; replacing beauty with quagmire. No longer a play land for birds and critters to flit and frolic in. Wells of tears unstoppable by the tide of feelings flowed as Yulin failed to find any words truly conveying her loss. Worse there was no understanding for why it happened.

My response is woefully inadequate. I am emphatic but lacking in experience. My own thoughts raced over how powerful an illusion reality presents. Investigations reveal little mass and empty space present where we think it to be solid and something is where we cannot see it. My simple answer to it all, “Its Nothing”.