My Auld Friends

AuldPalsLast year on the last day or simply yesterday I did my best to contact auld friends by phone. I managed to talk to people I have not spoken to in years. I also learned of the passing of a good friend’s wife. This is countered by learning another has been newly married for at least 5 years! When last we spoke they were just seeing each other. Of course I did not reach everyone. Nor was I meticulous in going through my People Excel spreadsheet. I scanned and picked out those I had not spoken to in ages but mainly the ones I absolutely needed to speak to before 2012 was gone.

It was wonderful and addictive. With everyone there was a warmth to their voice as they recognized me. Some needed to be reminded with my name. But to be in touch with people that I love reminded me how precious our friends and family are. I can only wonder why it takes the silly changing of a calendar to be the trigger that allows one to make those calls.

My sincere hope is to be more people oriented in 2013 than I had been in 2012 or any previous year. Dedicated to you. My auld friends.

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