Last Thoughts of 2012

rainbow-joyI have a lot of thoughts as our calendar approaches 2013. My papa would have been 90 had he lived until then. As it was he died just prior to becoming 62. I still see him in my dreams. We do not talk much. But then he was a man of few words.

Another thought has been about solving a Rubik’s cube. Something that I learned a long time ago and can do for at least 2 layers on my own. But the last layer is the hard one and I did research and found a site that provided permutations and orientations. In other words match the picture; follow the algorithm; solve the cube.

While watching Seth Lloyd talk about Quantum Life, he made it a point that even though he is a learned man, that he still does not understand Quantum Mechanics. However in the same way that I may not understand how to solve the last layer of a Rubik’s cube without assistance, our engineers and physicists can use Quantum mathematics without worrying about why it works.

China looms in my thoughts as well. It is my mission to learn enough Mandarin to get by when we go visit our roots in 9 more months. That means increasing my exercise from its current none to one half hour on three days each week. The reason for not doing it every day is that as one develops muscle, at least 24 hours of rest is required to allow the body to properly respond to the renewed activity.

Then there are those two computers that I have yet to put into service. I wish it were as easy as just turning them on and using them, but they need to be configured and programs need to be moved from the old to the new. Due to copyright concerns this has become a formidable task. However as I support intellectual property I must take the proper steps to assuring that no ones rights are inadvertently violated by me.

Besides Chinese I am still learning more of my root language Russian, even though I am at least two generations from ancestors that were born there. Other major languages have been tossed into this learning effort as similar but different things in parallel seems fun to me.

These are my major (for the moment) though few last thoughts of 2012.