Gift From The Heart!


This is as true a story as I can ever write within the context of realistic fiction. I like to think that the spirit of the holidays is what brought this individual to offer me one of the most generous gifts I have ever received in my life. I tried to refuse at first but they made it abundantly clear that their gift was indeed one of appreciation and from the depths of their most golden heart. Though their name and gender shall remain a secret as well what the gift itself was I absolutely needed to mention this event as I am still dealing with the emotions that have welled up in my own heart. They hopefully will read this blog and know that I treasure more their gesture of their marvelous gift than the actual gift itself. For the deep felt emotion moving me to tears is the sincerity with which they acknowledged all our help as well as all of the efforts we put into assisting them in their time of need. It should be obvious I am still in shock from the surprising and out of the blue nature of their gift. How completely; entirely unexpected it was!

The day I visited them I was given a Rubik’s cube to solve. I played at solving it but was only able to do one side. While attempting to solve it we talked for a good time about family and friends with me doing a lot of the listening and also being slightly distracted by solving something that I could have done easily many years ago.

Well it got to be a bit past lunch and they had other plans so I began my goodbyes. That is the moment their gift was revealed. “By the way, before you leave, I have a little something for you!” they said and presented me with a most wondrous gift! I did my best to protest. There was no need for giving anything so extravagant! But they persisted and explained why it was indeed fitting but in actuality they felt it to be much less than what we deserved or what they wanted to give.

I finally relented; accepting the fact that this was a treasure from their heart and to refuse further would only diminish their holy and pure intent. But though I promised to keep this our little secret there had to be a way to let the people of this world know that there are still individuals who are beyond model citizens. So this blog is all I can do and still maintain secrecy. I sincerely treasure your gift from the heart!

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