Snow White Age 64!


I see that Peter Jackson is back to enjoying the good life. Apparently maintaining the sleek and fit look was just too much of a burden. Hopefully his once again shortened life is at least extremely enjoyable for him.

I found a set of pictures that seem to best reflect America. At left I have aged one of them to 64 but otherwise kudos to the actual artist that drew her! I touched up her hair making sure of the proper silver color.

I notice that winter has come and with it the holidays. My weight is no doubt going up though I have made a mental effort not to pig out. Nor have I increased my meals beyond three a day, though smaller and more would probably help according to nutritionists. There are other factors at work as well and the fact that food is one of our few easily obtained joys is definitely at the top.

There is more that could be said but my whole blog was begun by taking the obese picture of Snow White and aging her. Which I did with my legal copy of Photoshop. Now I am sharing with you the picture of Snow White Age 64!