UFO Make A Sonic Boom!

UFO-SonicBoomNormally I restrict my blogs to the plausible. But having come across talk about Montauk it made me think. Is it a coincident that aliens, UFO’s and time travel are all considered SF (science fiction)? Similar to RF (realistic fiction; like my blogs), SF is mostly concerned with putting a spin on reality, but in SF it is supposedly upon some technical basis.

However I have found many people lumping fantasy like LOTR into SF when it is clearly myth and with little if any actual science involved. At least Avatar stipulates a technology that makes consciousness transference between bodies as possible. Yes Arthur C. Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. However that does not allow fantasy to be SF!

I was recently at an air show at Moffet Field when I took the above picture. I did not realize it was a UFO. I thought it was a jet and heard a sonic boom as it flew past the crowd. It leads me to wonder if something technical failed. Also with all the UFO’s being reported recently why are they so silent when flying many times faster than the sound barrier? Was there a field disguising the jet and keeping us from seeing it as the UFO it really is? In retrospect the most remarkable thing from my experience was to hear that UFO make a sonic boom!

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