Need Time To Live!

OfficiallyRetiredSometimes I write just to blog. The thoughts currently running through me are about how we might be facing an apocalypse in just 3 weeks. For that is the end of the Mayan calendar. Yes folks this is the last month of the last year of the world as we know it. I am listening to Riders on the Storm as these words meet blog. I suggest you do the same.

A childhood friend has announced their retirement. It is mostly a state of mind too. Though having the financial means to do so is important. For many it is that check from SS (Social Security). Many who have worked with the unions have pensions as well and some setup annuities to best weather their golden years.

Now for an analogy. The rider is the coming apocalypse. If we all buy into it, the apocalypse will happen. However all those believing the world will survive can find themselves in the universe celebrating 2013.

It is up to you and you and you! As we believe so the world becomes. Maybe that is an illusion, but then show me something that is not. Show me a thing that I can perceive without first turning light into nerve impulses that are channeled to my brain and in some mysterious fashion turned into a 3D Technicolor vision (for those who have it). For everything is actually illusion by our nature. We interpret everything we see, hear, feel, taste or smell. It runs in a model of the “real” world somewhere within our brain. Perhaps it runs in a different dimension?

We all need more than just three more weeks. Many are already dead. More will die before the 21st. The question is will we all die on the 21st? Not I my soul screams! I need more time! I just retired! I need time to live!